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Enjoy same-day dental bridges at Strongsville Smile Keepers dental office

Dental bridges are one way for patients to repair their smile following the extraction or loss of one or more teeth in a row. In fact, it is a popular option as it is less expensive than dental implants but more permanent in placement when compared to alternatives such as removable partial dentures. Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his team at Strongsville Smile Keepers of Strongsville, Ohio, are pleased to offer same-day dental bridges for faster smile restoration!

What are same-day dental bridges?

3D Crown

Same-day bridges are designed to replace missing teeth without requiring lengthy dental treatment. Instead, they are made directly in our office with our advanced CEREC technology. They can be designed, fabricated, and placed at the conclusion of the same appointment. The traditional process of creating dental bridges often requires more than one visit scheduled a week or so apart, leaving patients without a restoration in between.

What is involved in receiving a same-day bridge?

First, Dr. Gaebelein will prepare the abutment teeth on either side of the gap by removing part of their enamel layer. Next, images of your mouth taken with our 3D digital scanner will be used to get images of the mouth to design your custom bridge! Finally, we’ll create it from porcelain right in the office while you wait! It can then be bonded in place, and you can leave our dental facility with a fully restored smile on the same visit!

Find out if same-day dental bridges with our dentist are appropriate for you!

Strongsville, OH, area patients ready to restore their smile after tooth loss or extraction can discuss their options with our team. Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his team are committed to providing general, cosmetic, and restorative care for families and work directly with patients to help them select the solution that meets and exceeds their oral health needs. If you are interested in finding out if same-day dental bridges are right for you, connect with our team by calling (440) 508-4080 to request a visit at 17112 Pearl Road. Our family-owned and operated dental facility provides dentistry for the entire family!