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What Options Are Available When Your Teeth Have Worn Out Before You Have?

If you have been suffering with bad teeth or major dental problems, have failing teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth or are wearing removable complete dentures, you may have been wondering what to do to improve your ability to chew food comfortably, speak clearly and smile again with confidence. The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge may just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

Many Americans are faced with the prospect of losing all of their teeth. Here in Ohio, the Center for Disease Control reports that 26% of adults 65 and over have lost all of their teeth, 44% are missing 6 or more teeth. That is an incredible number of missing teeth, and an important consideration is how to replace those teeth.
Tooth loss can actually cause speech impediments. Tongues are unable to function effectively, as air from the gaps can disrupt normal speech. Lisps and stutters can potentially develop. Eating will also become a more difficult task once you’ve lost one of your teeth because each tooth has a specific function.

A loss of one of the incisors will impede the proper cutting and biting of food into manageable chunks. A molar that has fallen out will render it hard for you to adequately grind your meal enough to aid your digestion.

Aside from their biological functions, tooth loss can also cause repercussions in your social life. A lot of people withdraw from social interactions simply because they are too embarrassed about missing teeth.

There are several options for replacement of these missing teeth, and in this discussion, I will cover the options of a person who has lost all of their teeth, or is going to lose all of their teeth.

If someone still has failing teeth, and the teeth need to be removed, an immediate denture is one option. This type of denture is made of acrylic. It covers the roof of the mouth and extends as far back in the mouth as possible on the top and bottom to give as much surface area to help hold the denture in. Before the day the natural teeth are removed, an immediate denture can be made so when the teeth are removed the patient can wear the denture home. Since there are healing changes that occur after the natural teeth are removed and the denture is inserted, there are usually sore spots and a need for many adjustments over a few months until the denture gets comfortable.

Most of the time at around six months the denture will need to be relined so it will continue to fit as the natural healing changes cause the denture to become loose. This type of denture rests on the skin and therefore moves around and can be difficult to hold in. Sometimes sticky denture adhesives may be necessary to hold the denture in place. As the denture is used to chew, it wears the bone underneath and over time the denture becomes difficult to wear and needs to be replaced periodically.

A better option is a denture held in by implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are anchored into the jaw to support artificial teeth. Dental implants reduce bone loss in the jaw by preventing the jaw from falling into disuse. Implants are great because they do not allow the bone to wear away like the standard denture. There are two options for dentures anchored with implants. One option is removable and one is fixed and doesn’t come out.

The removable option allows the patient to remove the denture. The denture is made of typical denture acrylic and usually is the size and shape of a regular denture. The denture is held in by attachments in the denture that snap onto the implants. There are many different styles of attachments and the dentist can decide which system is best for each case depending on the number of implants and needs of the patient.

The fixed option does not allow the patient to remove the denture as the denture is fixed or screwed onto the implants by the dentist. This option can take as few as 4 implants for one arch. This denture is typically made of acrylic with a titanium framework for support. Because the denture is attached to the patient through the implants, the dentures can be made quite small. Both the upper and the lower dentures are smaller, and the upper denture does not cover the roof of the mouth–a huge plus. All of the acrylic options will wear out and need to be replaced.

The latest innovation in fixed implant restorations is the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge. This is similar to the fixed acrylic and titanium denture option but it has some key differences. The Prettau Bridge is made of zirconia and not acrylic. Zirconia has many key advantages. It is very strong, so it can be made smaller than the acrylic options. Because of its strength it does not wear. It is a naturally a white material, and therefore a beautiful replacement for natural teeth. It does not stain or chip like acrylic, and it is extremely biocompatable. The Zirconia Prettau Bridge is the most natural and functional option when replacing teeth.

The Advantages of the PRETTAU® Zirconia Implant Bridge

There are many dental implant options available to patients today, but the PRETTAU® Zirconia dental implant bridge is set apart by a number of unique advantages. Dr. Gaebelein is able to customize each implant so that it meets our exact design specifications. Once designed, the PRETTAU® Zirconia dental implant bridge is fabricated without the use of acrylic or metal, which can make dental restorations vulnerable to structural damage and cosmetic imperfections. Instead, the PRETTAU® Zirconia implant is fabricated using zirconia. Zirconia is the preferred material because of the following benefits it provides our patients:

Patient is Looking at Her Face by Mirror

Advantages of Zirconia:

  • Zirconia is completely biocompatable with the human body.
  • Zirconia is the strongest dental material available.
  • Zirconia will not chip
  • Zirconia will not crack
  • Zirconia will not break
  • Zirconia is tooth colored and will not discolor over time
  • Zirconia will not stain

Dr. Gaebelein is one of the few dentists in the United States to offer this leading dental treatment, and the first to offer the Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge in our area!  Only those dentists with the most advanced experience and training are performing this treatment in the United States.

Stop the endless dental cycle of replacing failing root canals, large fillings, problematic gum disease etc. The Prettau Zirconia Implant Bridge is the future of dentistry to replace missing teeth, a denture, or failing dental work!
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