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A guide to affordable smile enhancement in one visit with dental bonding

Dental bonding presents one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to dramatically enhance the appearance of your teeth in Strongsville, Ohio. Unlike other types of dental restorations that involve “preparing” artificial tooth structure outside of the mouth, our dentist, Dr. Matt Gaebelein, can apply the tooth-like dental material to the front surfaces of “imperfect” teeth. Dr. Gaebelein then uses his artistry and technical expertise to shape the material, which is typically a composite resin or ceramics like porcelain.

The high-density modern resins at Strongsville Smile Keepers blend plastic resin and silica filler. They feature properties that are comparable to the natural dentin tooth structure. The dentin layer resides underneath our protective, white tooth enamel layer. Enamel itself has a great duplicator in the form of porcelain. Dental porcelain mimics enamel’s strength (it is stronger than skeletal bone!) as well as its aesthetics, as this natural material is made up of densely-packed calcium crystals. Together, the materials that Dr. Gaebelein and our team use are in the long-term best interests of your smile by optimally replicating the appearance, durability, strength, and biocompatibility of natural tooth structure – enamel and dentin.

Many different types of patients are good candidates for dental bonding. It generally requires no removal of otherwise healthy enamel from the tooth to accommodate the material placed on top of the tooth’s surface. Dr. Gaebelein merely “etches” and conditions those teeth to be treated to further support the strongest bond between natural tissues and dental materials. Once the material has been precisely color-matched to blend in with your natural teeth, Dr. Gaebelein places it as a putty that can be shaped. This process is really where our dentist showcases his talents and ability to cover up imperfections in a way that looks natural and is indistinguishable from the surrounding, untreated teeth. These treatable conditions or defects include:

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  • Diastema or gaps between teeth 
  • Other types of uneven spacing 
  • Stubborn stains and discoloration 
  • Wear and tear 
  • Poorly-shaped teeth 
  • Poorly-sized teeth 
  • Chips 
  • Small cracks
  • “Rotated” or ill-positioned teeth

The idea with bonding and so many other procedures available at Strongsville Smile Keepers is to achieve or restore beautiful balance, harmony, and uniformity to the smile. Once this has been completed, Dr. Gaebelein will bond or harden the material to the tooth. Slight refinements may be made, and the treated teeth are polished to a fine luster. All of this can be done affordably in a single visit to our office in Strongsville, OH. To find out more about these and other procedures, call us! We can be reached at (440) 508-4080 or from this website.