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We serve all ages and needs, from subtle smile enhancement to dramatic, full-mouth makeovers!

We keep the beauty of your smile going strong for life. From our office in Strongsville, Dr. Matt Gaebelein and the rest of our talented team support the cosmetic dentistry needs of individuals across northern Ohio. Lackluster teeth, disproportionate or receding gums, and other imperfections are not “normal” features of the aging process. Likewise, even younger patients may dislike the characteristics they were born with and desire to alter a stained, poorly-shaped, irregularly-sized tooth and a gap-toothed smile. So, the team at Strongsville Smile Keepers treats individuals of all ages who desire everything from a subtle change to a dramatic full-mouth transformation.

Additionally, those restorative dentistry procedures designed primarily to bolster a weak or damaged tooth are also highly aesthetic when planned and placed by Dr. Gaebelein. And even dental services that are designed to resolve chips, discoloration, gaps, and other cosmetic concerns can have a positive structural, health, and restorative impact. For instance, when porcelain veneers are placed on top of natural tooth structure to disguise flaws like chips, the material also strengthens a tooth whose enamel has been weakened. We can even apply veneers to cover up areas of the tooth that are vulnerable to root exposure due to gum recession, a process that occurs as the gums pull away from the teeth.

In addition to “conventional” porcelain veneers, Dr. Gaebelein has also brought out the natural beautiful best with cosmetic dentistry procedures not limited to the following:

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  • “No-prep” to minimal-prep veneers, which require little to no removal of the natural tooth structure to accommodate the thickness of this ultra-thin veneer product 
  • Dental bonding, or “direct veneers,” involves the placement of composite resin material directly to the teeth for a conservative, fast, and affordable alternative to porcelain veneers
  • Enameloplasty or ultra-conservative tooth reshaping and recontouring with specialized dental instruments 
  • Gingival contouring and other soft tissue procedures, which can be used to recontour the gum line and correct either “gummy” smiles or smiles that have sustained gum recession
  • Professional teeth whitening to quickly enhance the appearance of the teeth; powerful whitening gels may be applied from our office or the comfort of your home via custom whitening trays

As noted, dental restorations such as composite fillings and porcelain crowns blend strength, durability, and aesthetics to restore a damaged tooth’s healthy function and appearance. We offer “same-day” dentistry and can make veneers and crowns while you wait in just one visit. And, when malocclusion or teeth and jaw misalignment is more extensive, we can also recommend cosmetic alternatives to conventional braces. Clear aligner therapy and an array of other modern and appealing treatments are available at Strongsville Smile Keepers. Call (440) 508-4080 to find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gaebelein.

Dr. Matt Gaebelein
Dr. Matt Gaebelein: Your Trusted Dental Expert

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in dentistry, Dr. Matt Gaebelein is the CEO, leader, and distinguished clinician at Strongsville Smile Keepers. A graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to excellence is manifest in his passion for dentistry and unwavering dedication to providing top-tier dental care.

As a Senior Master Provider in Fastbraces Orthodontic Technology, Dr. Gaebelein has transformed the smiles of countless children and adults, earning him the prestigious Teledyne Hanau Award for his excellence in prosthodontics. Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to ongoing education is showcased through his fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction achieved by only 6% of dentists in the US and Canada.

His warm, friendly demeanor and extensive experience create a welcoming environment at Strongsville Smile Keepers. You can rest assured that Dr. Gaebelein and his team will provide exceptional dental care, treating you like family and prioritizing your oral health needs.