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Preventative dentistry, we support more than a “pretty smile” – the oral-overall health connection

The oral cavity (mouth) isn’t limited to its visible parts – the teeth and gums. Furthermore, at Strongsville Smile Keepers, we appreciate the many connections between the mouth, its tissues/structures, and the “rest of you.” By promoting oral health through high-quality, low-stress preventative dentistry, we also promote the health of your heart and other organs and your overall well-being and quality of life.

Protecting your mouth from threats in Strongsville, Ohio

Tooth (dental) decay and gum (periodontal) disease are the leading causes of tooth loss. The bacteria and inflammation associated with conditions such as periodontitis (advanced gum disease) have also been implicated in everything from cardiovascular disease and respiratory infections to stroke.

Dr. Matthew Gaebelein examines for potential signs of early enamel erosion and gingival inflammation during routine dental check-ups. He also uses diagnostic imaging to see below the surface. These capabilities support the accurate early detection of problems. Furthermore, our dental hygienists help reduce your risk of developing dental decay by removing pathogens – harmful bacteria, plaque, and stubborn plaque build-up called “tartar.”

Preventative dentistry is also about empowering you, the patient. We provide guidance on how to clean the teeth and gums better. We may have you try different types of floss or antibacterial rinses. Additionally, we can discuss professional preventive services and apply topical fluoride supplements or dental sealants during your visit.

Screenings for oral cancer

Doctor with Patient in Clinic

Dentists like Dr. Gaebelein are on the front line of detecting pre-cancers and cancerous lesions of the oral cavity (lips, gums, tongue, oral mucosa, and so on). No check-up is complete without examining for unusual lumps, bumps, sores, or discoloration. We also use advanced VELscope® technology to clearly and accurately illuminate potential abnormalities. This process is truly life-saving. The American Cancer Society reports that the 5-year survival rate for patients with early-stage, local tumors that haven’t spread exceeds 90%. In comparison, the 5-year survival rate plunges to 39% among those patients whose oral cancers have metastasized or spread to distant organs (like lung tissue).

Say “Ah!” and open a window into your overall health

Here again, dentists like our own Dr. Gaebelein are your first line of defense. Myriad systemic illnesses may manifest as problems with the mouth; for instance, lupus and other autoimmune conditions are associated with lesions on the floor of the mouth. Patients with severe anemia may have glossitis, tongue inflammation, or very pale gums. Additionally, diabetic patients may notice changes such as a persistently dry mouth.

Do your smile and whole self a world of good with trusted, high-quality preventative dentistry. Call (440) 508-4080 to schedule your appointment at our office in Strongsville, OH.