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Quality care that you can trust on a foundation of routine exams and cutting-edge diagnostics

Strongsville Smile Keepers strikes just the right balance; the valued patients who partner with us from across northern Ohio appreciate our friendliness. We get to know them as more than a “set of teeth and gums.” This approach to dentistry results in highly personalized care that is effective and resolves problems promptly by getting to the “root cause.” As a complementary approach, Dr. Matthew Gaebelein has invested in numerous cutting-edge tools to support quality care and the best experience at our office in Strongsville. These tools include sophisticated 3D dental x-rays or imaging. Patients get the most out of exams and each dental visit with this blend of personal touch and high technology.

What to expect from proactive care, accurate diagnostics

Doctor with Dummy Crown and X - Ray

The “standard” dental visit or check-up is scheduled once every six months. These visits generally start with one of our dental hygienists cleaning your teeth and gum line. They use their special training and special instruments to gently remove even the most stubborn, disease-causing substances (like plaque build-up or tartar). They note any potential problems and then report them to Dr. Gaebelein.

Our dentist then takes a closer look at anything they may have noticed and conducts a complete exam. He looks for any signs of problems with the teeth, gums, and connected structures of the mouth, face, and jaws. For instance, jaw stiffness or a clicking and popping sound may be indicative of problems with the TM joints that connect the skull and the jaws. So, the examination is not limited to checking for things like enamel erosion and tooth decay or inflammation and infection of the gums.

Additionally, Dr. Gaebelein palpates or evaluates for anomalies by touch. These oral cancer screenings may bring to light suspicious lumps, bumps, patches, and other potential trouble signs that warrant further investigation. Speaking of “bringing to light,” Dr. Gaebelein’s advanced diagnostics include VELscope® fluorescence technology. The VELscope® clearly highlights abnormal tissues, which may indicate pre-cancer presence or malignant tumors. Early detection informs effective treatment and can be truly life-saving when discussing potentially dangerous conditions like oral and pharyngeal cancers.

For other conditions that cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as “hidden” areas of decay, we may use our in-house 3-dimensional cone beam computed tomography machine. This CBCT scanning technology differs from conventional CT scans, partly because we get a full, 360-degree view of your mouth. CBCT features a rotating arm that non-invasively goes around the body to capture clear and detailed images from numerous angles.

Experience our safe, comfortable, and accurate approach to detecting problems before they cause damage and affect your health and quality of life. Call (440) 508-4080 to get into a healthy routine of regular dental exams and to keep your smile going strong and looking great.

Dr. Matt Gaebelein
Dr. Matt Gaebelein: Your Trusted Dental Expert

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in dentistry, Dr. Matt Gaebelein is the CEO, leader, and distinguished clinician at Strongsville Smile Keepers. A graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to excellence is manifest in his passion for dentistry and unwavering dedication to providing top-tier dental care.

As a Senior Master Provider in Fastbraces Orthodontic Technology, Dr. Gaebelein has transformed the smiles of countless children and adults, earning him the prestigious Teledyne Hanau Award for his excellence in prosthodontics. Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to ongoing education is showcased through his fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction achieved by only 6% of dentists in the US and Canada.

His warm, friendly demeanor and extensive experience create a welcoming environment at Strongsville Smile Keepers. You can rest assured that Dr. Gaebelein and his team will provide exceptional dental care, treating you like family and prioritizing your oral health needs.