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Learn more about our OraCare products, like the OraCare Health Rinse at Strongsville Smile Keepers

Over the years, dentists have learned that rinses and mouthwashes can significantly impact the health of the smile. Problems such as cavities and periodontal disease can be eliminated and avoided by following a proper oral healthcare routine at home daily. Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his team at Strongsville Smile Keepers in Strongsville, Ohio, believe in offering professional-strength products at the office, ensuring patients have access to the most powerful treatments. This includes the OraCare Health Rinse system.

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What is the OraCare Health Rinse?

The OraCare Health Rinse is a system with two rinses that are beginning to replace the use of chlorhexidine in many dental practices around the nation. This product is not an over-the-counter dental product and is only available for sale through a dental office. Patients with oral health concerns and conditions may benefit from daily use of this product, as it may be recommended to individuals with opportunities to improve oral health and certain conditions that can impact and affect their smile.

What can the OraCare Health Rinse address?

– Fungi
– Bacteria
– Viruses
– Biofilm
– Volatile sulfur compounds

What are the benefits of the OraCare Health Rinse products?

Dr. Matt Gaebelein finds that the OraCare Health Rinse comes with many advantages that make patients more apt to use their rinses as directed to achieve healthier smiles. The OraCare Health Rinse:

– Eliminates a variety of issues, including biofilm, bacteria, and viruses
– Does not stain
– Does not leave patients with altered tastes or overwhelming medicinal aftertaste
– Fights calculus buildup
– It is a non-burning formula
– Does not have any side effects
– Leaves the mouth feeling clean and refreshed

How is the OraCare Health Rinse system used?

Rinsing your mouth with this two-part system can address a wide range of dental issues. It can be used daily to reduce the risk of developing tooth decay, or “caries,” and periodontal disease. It can fight fungal infection, bad breath, and dry mouth and be integrated into one’s cancer care. This product has won the Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Award for both 2021 and 2022, and it is only available from dental professionals who carry it. It cannot be purchased online or over the counter at local drugstores and retail stores.

Is the OraCare Health Rinse system right for me?

During your appointment with Dr. Matt Gaebelein, you will learn more about the various treatments that can help you restore the health of your smile. He may integrate the OraCare Health Rinse into a patient’s home routine if they can benefit from this rinse system.

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If you are ready to learn more about OraCare Health Rinse or need to get a refill as directed, please call Strongsville Smile Keepers in Strongsville, Ohio, to request an upcoming appointment. Our office is located at 17112 Pearl Road and can be reached by telephone at (440) 508-4080.