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Using Fastbraces to enjoy fast teeth straightening with Strongsville Smile Keepers

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At Strongsville Smile Keepers, patients considering teeth straightening may not know their options. Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his team, located in Strongsville, Ohio, are here to educate patients on the many benefits of a wonderful, fast, and reliable way of improving their smile with Fastbraces treatment.

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are a revolutionary solution for realigning teeth. These accelerated orthodontics use a new approach to repositioning the teeth, offering faster alignment than conventional braces. Many of our patients are able to achieve their desired result in as little as three months, as this is the first—and only!—treatment patented with technology that grows alveolar bone through the uprighting of the roots of misaligned and crooked teeth.  Fastbraces are fast, not forceful, and therefore are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Why should I consider orthodontic braces?

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Not only do misaligned and crooked teeth impact the look of your smile, but they are also difficult to clean. The bacteria that can form between the teeth and within the crevices can be a threat to your oral health and wellness. This increases the potential of developing periodontal disease, which is not only an infection of the gums that cannot be cured but is also responsible for causing a myriad of medical conditions throughout the body, including cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and respiratory tract infections. In addition to these, misaligned teeth can affect your speech, cause jaw pain, and even wear down teeth due to an uneven bite. 

Straightening your teeth realigns the appearance of the dental arch while helping to protect your smile against periodontal disease, tooth decay, and problems with chewing and speaking. This treatment method has been thoroughly tested and continues to be a solution for both children and adults seeking realignment of the teeth.

Learn more about orthodontic braces using Fastbraces!

If you are looking for fast teeth straightening with a process that provides accelerated results, now is the best time to talk to Dr. Matt Gaebelein and his team at Strongsville Smile Keepers about Fastbraces.

Call (440) 508-4080 to schedule an appointment at the office at 17112 Pearl Road in Strongsville, Ohio.

Dr. Matt Gaebelein
Dr. Matt Gaebelein: Your Trusted Dental Expert

With over 25 years of dedicated experience in dentistry, Dr. Matt Gaebelein is the CEO, leader, and distinguished clinician at Strongsville Smile Keepers. A graduate of The Ohio State University College of Dentistry and a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio, Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to excellence is manifest in his passion for dentistry and unwavering dedication to providing top-tier dental care.

As a Senior Master Provider in Fastbraces Orthodontic Technology, Dr. Gaebelein has transformed the smiles of countless children and adults, earning him the prestigious Teledyne Hanau Award for his excellence in prosthodontics. Dr. Gaebelein's commitment to ongoing education is showcased through his fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction achieved by only 6% of dentists in the US and Canada.

His warm, friendly demeanor and extensive experience create a welcoming environment at Strongsville Smile Keepers. You can rest assured that Dr. Gaebelein and his team will provide exceptional dental care, treating you like family and prioritizing your oral health needs.