Teeth Whitening at Strongsville Smile Keepers

Welcome to Strongsville Smile Keepers in Strongsville, Ohio,

where we prioritize your smile's beauty and health.

Our GLO Teeth Whitening System ensures a radiant, confident smile.

Dr. Matt Gaebelein

GLO combines heat and light for quick, painless results.

Brighten Your Smile with GLO Technology

We offer various GLO whitening options tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Achieve a dazzling smile in under an hour!

Our GLO dentist uses GLO's heat and light system and medical-grade gel. We'll provide GLO vials for touch-ups at home.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Whiten your teeth comfortably at home with our

GLO kits.

The GLO mouthpiece accelerates the process, giving you results in as little as five to seven days.

Maintaining Your GLO Smile

After reaching your desired shade, maintain it with good oral hygiene and our take-home GLO device.

Avoid smoking and staining foods for long-lasting results.

Benefits of GLO Teeth Whitening

Choose GLO for faster, easy, and sensitivity-free results.

It's suitable for various dental work, enamel-safe, and ensures a gleaming smile.