Dr. Matt Gaebelein

Discover the Comfort, Vitality, and Elegance of Dental Crowns Crafted As You Wait at Strongsville Smile Keepers!

As a family-owned and operated dental practice in northern Ohio, we provide personalized, friendly care and cutting-edge technology. Meet Dr. Matt Gaebelein, our expert dentist who can craft crowns and more in just one visit.

Find out how our technology-driven approach streamlines the process. Say goodbye to the traditional, time-consuming, and stressful method of dental restorations. At Strongsville Smile Keepers, we make it simple.

Streamlining Dental Restorations

We've brought all crown-making processes in-house using CAD-CAM techniques and technology.  Dr. Gaebelein designs crowns digitally, and our onsite milling machine creates them in minutes. No more waiting for an external lab!

In-House Crown Making

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns




Minimized travel hassles


Reduced costs


Elimination of "human error"


Optimal treatment outcomes


Aesthetic results


Strong and lasting restorations


Compatibility for metal-sensitive patients

Our CAD-CAM dentistry with the CEREC system is versatile and suitable for various needs. From inlays and onlays to dental bridges, we can cater to your unique requirements, all made while you wait in Strongsville, OH.

Versatile Same-Day Dentistry