Dr. Matt Gaebelein

Fastbraces® - A Quicker Path to Your Dream Smile!

Explore orthodontic options at Strongsville Smile Keepers, offering hassle-free treatment for crowded, gapped teeth.

Dr. Matthew Gaebelein provides Fastbraces® treatment for crooked teeth, offering an efficient alternative to traditional braces. Fastbraces® aligns roots from the start, speeding up your journey to a straight smile.

Fastbraces® at Strongsville Smile Keepers

Fastbraces® works faster by aligning tooth roots first. Clear aligners are removable but require consistent use. Choose what suits your lifestyle and needs.

Fastbraces® vs. Clear Aligners

Achieve a straight smile in 100 days, fixing uneven spacing and bites. Fastbraces® align roots first, ensuring rapid results. Say goodbye to frequent dental visits.

The Fastbraces® Difference

Correct misaligned teeth efficiently, preventing decay and gum disease. Affordable, non-invasive, and time-saving.

Fastbraces® - Quick and Convenient


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